L 2, H 2 guaranteed-cost control of LPV systems with saturating actuators


The design problem of mixed L 2 , H 2 gain scheduling nonlinear state feedback controller for Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) systems subjected to actuator saturations and L 2 bounded disturbances is considered. First, a new formulation of H 2 controllers has been presented based on the homogeneous polynomial parameter dependent (HPPD) representation. Then a systematic procedure to generate a sequence of LMI conditions of increasing precision for obtaining a sub-optimal L 2 , H 2 state-feedback controller for LPV systems subject to actuator saturations and L 2 -bounded disturbances, has been presented. The presented method utilizes the modified sector condition for actuator saturation formalization and HPPD representation of LPV systems.

2008 16th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation